FW: Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson (my babble)

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 27 01:52:35 EDT 2009

oh dear
I can't quite say for sure that the grank funk 45 came before the
rollercoaster one...
i think the J5 was my very first bought and paid record
and why couldn't HW have done the jetpack 1st?
the king is gone
(neil young singing in head)

On 6/26/09, mike coleman <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> make that "contemplating the author of humanity via any of the existing
> belief systems........"
> If the consumer public had evolved into one of separating idol worship from
> entertainment, I'd be singing a different tune, provided that Trev wasn't
> after my cockroach extermination money in exchange for a musical parody, and
> that I wasn't trapped indoors in hell with 110 degrees fahrenheit.....
> 'Michael Mania" is the pinnacle of everything disgusting
> It is bad enough that stars can't have a drug problem and go to rehab
> without us needing to know, or if somebody spanks their kid we need to know
> why
> But allowing Michael's bizarreness to flourish ......I don't think so....
> and a little piece of a blurb I just read confirmed my suspicion saying
> that Michael was WAY more shrewd about the industry with his business sense
> than anybody knew.....
> pin the tail on another donkey....I'll pass violently
>  On 6/26/09, mike coleman <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
>> and I thought he was likely even sexually abused by the father
>> Death is a sad thing for sure, but at a time when the human ego just won't
>> step aside and let reality in, I'm afraid a comeback could have ended the
>> human race
>> So even if this was an inside job and a hotshot
>> my colemanism for the day: "contemplating the author of humanity is like
>> giving in to the whims of a disobedient child"
>>  On 6/26/09, Burro Mike <sloterdijk at msn.com> wrote:
>>> I have enjoyed the music of The Orb since 1994 and loved Orbus
>>> Terrarum..That is probably my favorite orb disc..Valley and Plateau in
>>> particular..I bought that as a casette in Poland from a tiny roadside
>>> vendor's stall, and wore it out, then upgraded to CD.. I was fortunate
>>> enough to see them live on the Orblivion tour..Cheers! Mike Burro
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>>> Subject: Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson
>>> Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 14:57:30 +0000
>>> No matter how odd this guy was, he had a very hard childhood, as he was
>>> forced to begin rehearsing regularly at age 4 ( the age of my own son now ).
>>> I'm not sending this out to speculate about his potential abnormalities, but
>>> whatever you thought of him, he did leave his mark on popular culture, and
>>> even I must confess I always thought the 'Thriller video' and long version
>>> of the song was cool.
>>> Cheers! Mike Burro
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