ICU at Glastonbury

trev judge48 at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 2 10:21:47 EDT 2010

  The Thursday gig on the Hub stage Shangrila field was wonderful, 
packed by the early Glastoers who were mainly in Shangrila, as the main 
stage was not yet fully functioning. The Hub is the central stage there 
and is arranged in tiers like a Roman gladiatorial arena. I gave my 
usual cry of "Freedom" after introducing Nik (It was his 40th 
anniversary at Glastonbury)...and was greeted by a huge roar from the 
near hysterical crowd...I tried a few comments regarding the corruption 
of capitalist society...another huge roar. If we'd continued in that 
vein I'm sure we could have had the fences down lol. Instead we gave 
them one of the best sets that the Nu ICU has ever given. Very very good.
The next day (Fri) at the Dada stage was rubbish as there was hardly 
anyone there and rave mixer guy didn't have a clue as to how to mix a 
live rock band and the supplied equipment was disfunctional. Never mind, 
the horror of corporate Glastonbury was atoned for by that Hub gig.

Judge Trev

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