Blood of the Earth and more

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Mon Jul 19 20:29:14 EDT 2010

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> <so  maybe I'll have my calming med along with the
> <listen so I am approching  it right....
> Thanks for the stock tip...Which exchange do they trade horse tranquilizer
> on?

 Yo sport...     No Idea but life isn't safe and maybe I should test my
tolerance theory eh??  If I end up ripping phone books to shreds and
wandering around naked it would be rather beffiting aanyway, I think.....
You just made me realise.....this (apparently elusive) A-2U, B-1U warrior
came from Poland, and my co-worker in the mid-80's from there used to call
me horse.....never quite knew why and I think that was best....

> as always, hello to THE BUNZ

He's still following the water balloon.....loud phlump
when he hops down from the chair.....and in the hopes that this email does
not offend, and kind forum member brought to my attention today that radio
promos of BOTE exist with some version variations.......


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