Aural Innovations Radio: New Astral Visions & Space Does Not Care Shows

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Wed Jul 28 05:19:52 EDT 2010


I've uploaded new shows from Astral Visions Radio Radio (show #6), and Space
Does Not Care (show #26). See the playlists below. Aural Innovations
broadcasts 24 hours a day in both streaming and download editions. You can
go directly to the Radio shows page at:

Astral Visions Radio (show #6)

Astral Visions Radio Show - Music from Psychotropic Zone, is hosted by DJ

Black Mountain – “Druganout (Extended Remix)" (from Druganout EP) 
Sendelica - "Spacehopper Blues" (from Screamedelica She Sighed As She Hit
Rewind On The Dream Mangler Remote) 
Hills - "Rainship (Solregn)" (from S/T) 
Acid Mothers Temple - "In O" (from In O to Infinity) 
Master Musicians of Bukkake - "Patmos" (from Totem Two) 
My Sleeping Karma - "Sarasvati" (from Tri) 
Ohead - "Dreamstate Circus" (from Dreamstate Circus) 
Tuliterä - "Voidborn" (from Clarity) 
Hawkwind - "Wraith" (from Blood of the Earth) 
The Black Angels - "Bad Vibrations" (from forthcoming album Phosphene Dream)

Hausfrauen Experiment - "Oscillations" (from forthcoming 7” on Fruits de Mer
K-X-P - "18 Hours (Of Love)" (from S/T) 
Vibravoid - "Ruckzuck" (from Krautrock Sensation EP) 
White Hills - "Let the Right One In" (from S/T)

Space Does Not Care (show #26)

Chuck Rosenberg did a radio show dubbed "Space Does Not Care" from 1999-2003
at KUCR out of Riverside, CA, which streamed on-line for most of that time.
The format of the new online version of Space Does Not Care is secured by
Chuck under the umbrella of Psych/Space/Kraut/Electro/Indie/Folk/Noise-rock.

THE SMELL OF INCENSE - "The Smell Of Incense" (from A Curious Miscellany -
September Gurls)
DAVID HOLMES SET - from Quintessential Mix 98/01 - FFRR:

101 STRINGS - "Karma Sitar"
HOWARD BLAKE - "An Elephant Called Slowly"
DAVID HOLMES "Little Short One Pt 1"
DAVID HOLMES - "My Mate Paul (Major Force Remix)"
ABACO DREAM - "Cat Woman"
EDGAR BROUGHTEN - "There's No Vibration But Wait"

TRIBE OF CRO - "Ritual Meditation" (from Potlatch - Mushroom Runner)
SONIC ARCANA - "African Sunrise" (from Past Echoes)
HAWKWIND - "Ghost Dance" (from Undisclosed Files/Addendum - Griffin)
SERENA MANEESH - "Ayisha Abyss/Reprobate!" (from Abyss In B Minor - 4AD)
MAZINGA PHASER - "Time Is Its Own Revenge" (from Dissatisfied Customers Of
Hallucination - Idol)
ASTRO AL - "Lawren's Awakening" (from Naughty Kitty)
INCREDIBLE EXPANDING MINDFUCK - "Telegraph <Extract from 'Four Ways'>" (from
An Escalator to Christmas - ToneFloat)
ROLLERBALL - "Horrible Madness" (from Two Feathers - North Pole)
SOUND - "Picky Panic/excerpt from Phantasmagoricon" (from Drunk On Confusion
- Tekito)
FLOORIAN - "Overruled" (from What The Buzzing - Bomp!)
FLOWCHART - "Euphemistic Toys" (from Evergreen/Noise Is Flexible - Fuzzy
Box/Carrot Top)
AGITATION FREE - "In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise" (from At the Cliffs
of River Rhine - Garden of Delights)
NITZINGER - "One Foot In History" (from John In the Box - Akarma)
ST 37 - "If You Feel You're Healed <Cow Head In The River>" (from High And
Inside - Blue Circle)

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