HW kollektorpost: FoFP joined at Everest summit, ToTP# 408

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 22 18:24:10 EDT 2010

If Mike looks over his left shoulder, right about 7 o'clock, and gazes
through the dumping snow, he'll see that is a person just about to reach
him. It is a representative of another nationality and also a mutual
assosciate. He's carrying a BBC Top Of The Pops LP #408, which contains the

Side one -  "A Presented Show" duration 46'00" MONO

artist include:

HAWKWIND - "Silver Machine"

HOT CHOCOLATE - "You'll Always be a Friend"

NICHOLSON - "Sitting on an Fence"


ROXY MUSIC - "Viginia Plane"

HOT CHOCOLATE - "Go, go Girls"

GALLAGHER AND LYLE - "Give the Boy a Break"

MOD THE HOOPLE - "All the Young Dudes"

  Side two - "No presentation"   interview with Noddy, Don and Jim from
Slade. With more songs from the above artists.

 this sure reeeks to me of the Brian Matthews platter, however I do not see
a mention of the Pink Fairies and it is dated 1974, so the only question is:
"do you have to share your ale or hand over the entire drink while you split
your fame?"

while I truly remain happy for my friend I must admit I kneel and ask "why
not me gods? why not me??"

because I "serve up" my Hawkwind like a true meal, and when I spin, they
just sound better......


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