HW: t-shirt collectors?

big mike bigwibble6 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Fri Mar 26 02:59:41 EDT 2010

I am about to give the following to a charity shop. If you want any of them let me know, I'm sure we can work something out, all XL
nethawks, on the net or on your knees
1996 summer daze festy (stapleton farm)
calvert face/the silver machine has finally taken off
25th aniiversary tour long sleeve 95
1988 tour
barney bubbles soldier with orange hawkwind lettering
alien tour 95
tour 93 (iitbotf)
winter tour 97 (welcome to the future)
blue galactic tour
calvert one that came with QEH LP
calvert benefit 88 brixton academy
purple/green indian one
nethawks stone circle sweat
black sword 85

mike in the UK for 2 more days


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