HW: t-shirt collectors - last few

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 26 11:19:24 EDT 2010

I think we're OK
But according to american television _facebook_ bad.....
especially if you own expensive things and announce you are going to a gig,
and have 600 buddies.
I talked Trev out of sending the motorcycle gang and if you're stilll here
you should be OK...
Guess I'm stuck with my japanese Motorhead 20th anniversary shirt with the
fashionably little snaggletooth.
The Bubbles soldier would have been a personal victory since the one I was
lucky to get couldn't cover the Heineken storage area and all I could do was
keep going into the closet....
Oh well, band shirts are a bit high-class for me these days....don't want to
look snooty walking down the street...
You mean they've got XL's in England??

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