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Eastworld is definitely not a DemiMonde name.  It is part of Plastichead, who are one of the better distributors in the UK.  
As to why they have the Demimonde releases and the Demimonde web presence no longer exists, that should tell its own story.

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On Mon, 3 May 2010, Paul Mather wrote:

> That's just wonderful.  To get all the bonus studio material you have to buy the LP version.  I wonder which brainiac thought up that one. :-\

    Steven Wilson? There's two reasons that I own more single pieces of recorded music by Porcupine Tree than any other band except Hawkwind and only one of them is that I used to love them...

> Paul (who actually does own a turntable, but unfortunately it resides several thousand miles away across at least one ocean).

    I'm glad I've still got a working turntable, and I love the idea of a new Hawkwind album on double LP, but all the same, this is annoying.

> PS: Who are Eastworld Recordings?  I notice they have _Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin_ and _The Text of Festival_ listed for sale amongst the catalogue on their Web site.  What a coup to become the official distributors of that material! ;-)

    That is extremely perplexing, but I don't see how it can be bad news. Would the current band sign with an outlet doing that unless some kind of royalties arrangement had been reached? If they would, then even that implies more goodwill in the process than has been usual.

    It's not just ToF and yG, either; the banner also advertises _Hawk Meets Penguin_ and _Meetings with MenMachines_ so it looks very much like the whole Demimonde catalogue. I don't know Demimonde's inventory very well so I don't know how much the rest of this:
fits that idea but a lot of it is certainly tiny sections of people's back catalogue. But these guys are based in Wallingford not Powys so it's not a simple swap of names. I notice that Demimonde's web presence has now gone. Did Dave Anderson sell up? And what would the deal then have to be... ?

    Oh well, I'm glad there has apparently been one anyway, yours,

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