HW: Tim Blake Single? +HW Warrior Poster

Rich W cosmicdolphin at COMCAST.NET
Wed May 19 19:06:36 EDT 2010

Ok does anyone have the track timings for: 1977 /Sintesis Intemporel/ 
1//Sintesis Intemporel/ 2 [/Spanish 7/"] by Tim Blake :-) The geek in me 
would like to know.


wtf never heard of that one, anymore info? When was it released?


On 5/19/2010 4:38 PM, mike coleman wrote:
> Yes
> the most common is a spanish pic sleeve with nothing different,  other than
> maybe an edit......(from Crystal Machine)
> the next is one with generator laserbeam and "woodland voice" which was a
> pic sleeve in germany but not in england...(from New Jerusalem)
> and the very first is a single called "Surf" that contains a curipus track
> of birds tweeting called (if I recall) "birdsongs"..
> obviously I'm keen on replacing this one....
> In all honesty, my opinion is that there is nothing earth-shattering on amny
> of these that should cause lost sleep, mostly completist items.....
> But I'm sure all of us know what opinions are like...
> BTW, I've inherited a spare copy of the 1975 record store promotional poster
> for Atco records....this is the only poster for Warrior that I know of and
> is my personal favorite...this one has some use but frames nice and I am
> about to turn it lose.,...
> where's my Langton LP???
> Hurry....
> On 5/19/10, Rich W<cosmicdolphin at comcast.net>  wrote:
>> Question:
>> Am I remembering right, did 'Tim Blake' issue a couple of singles during
>> early Crystal Machine/New Jerusalem period?
>> If so, were the songs/mixes significantly different from the albums?
>> Or am I just misremembering.
>> Rich W.

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