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On Fri, 14 May 2010, Arin Komins wrote:

> For those of us who are fans:

 	Thanks for linking that, Arin, I rather enjoyed it. As one of 
the commentators says, it's almost refreshing to see someone so thoroughky 
acknowledging the pulp roots of the genre like that, and the übergendering 
is almost pastiche, but for me what makes it authentic quality Moorcock is 
the stylistic wrestling with the basic dilemma of how to depict something 
as genuinely alien and outside the reader's human experience while still 
using language the reader can attribute meaning to. For me _Blood_ 
struggled too much with this; this story may struggle too little with it 
and leave too much unsaid, but leaving most of the heavy aspects aside for 
later musing by the reader is what made the early Elric books so pacey, 
after all. And on that note I liked the fairly subtle eternal champion 
analogues worked in. I know to expect them by now but it's still nice when 
they aren't too obvious. Yours,

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