LOST in France?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Mon May 31 16:06:46 EDT 2010

Ah, I did think of Huw -- but was Huw actually _original_?  I had it  
in mind that he was actually preceded in the group by Mick Slattery.

Of course, maybe Mick was original in Hawkwind Zoo and Huw was  
original in Hawkwind ...?


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> writes:
> (Come to  think of it, the last time HW had more than one original
> member in  the group must have been during the brief period in the
> early '80s  when Nik Turner had rejoined!)
> You are forgetting someone.
> Huw Lloyd-Langton.
> Steve.

Carl Edlund Anderson

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