Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock Show

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Mon Oct 25 04:28:20 EDT 2010


I’ve been sidetracked the past couple months, hence the lack of Aural
Innovations Space Rock Radio shows. The good news is that lots of cool new
submissions have come in so I’ll be picking up the pace once again.

A NEW ISSUE of the Aural Innovations web zine is right around the corner.
Scott Heller has been coordinating updates for the past couple years, but
has stepped down to focus his attention on his band Oresund Space
Collective. BIG thanks to Scott for having taken the helm! Long time
contributor Jeff Fitzgerald has stepped in as editor and was keen to revive
the regular issues, so stay tuned for issue #41.

I've uploaded a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#245). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio
shows page at:

Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #245)

Electric Moon – “Lunatic” (from Lunatics)
Hills – “You Talk The Talk!” (from Hills)
Sula Bassana – “Barbarells” (from Kosmonauts)
Psi Corps – “Across the Black Road” (from All Roads Lead to Amber Parts I &
Huw Lloyd-Langton’s LLG – “A Dream” (from Hard Graft)
Stone Oak Cosmonaut – “Under A Dead Moon” (from Into the Multiverse)
Black Space Riders – “Lonely Space Trucking Man” (from Black Space Riders)
La Otracina – “We Ride On” (from Reality Has Got To Die)
San Francisco Water Cooler – “The Desert Waits Outside” (from II)
Mental Anguish – “Crude” (from
Computerchemist – “The Scheming Machine” / “What The Eye Doesn’t See”
Antanas Jasenka – “Output 1” (from Point Circle)
Yney – “Morn and Even” (from Micro Macro)
Howl in the Typewriter – “More Water” (from Judas Kiss-The Lost Songs)
Balkan’oliks – “Tree Peva Kozol” (from Godspunk Volume Nine)
The Melodramatic Monkey – “Giraffe and Egg (Sgt. Panic edit) (from Godspunk
Volume Nine)
Ray Reagan and the Rayguns – “The Warm Stripe” (from Ray Reagan and the
Les Rallizes Denudés – “Blind Baby Has It’s Mothers Eyes” (from Blind Baby
Has It’s Mothers Eyes)

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