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My keypad is getting very rebellious
so please be distracted by the strange notion that came over me last
night out of nowhere for no reason, that there should be a "science of
Axl Rose", with a name, which led me down a strange path of
investiagting old LA glam bands and connecting everything back to
London, the band, and finally to Hawkwind, via a lawsuit on Cleopatra
by aforementioned, which prompts me to throw this out


Hello Hawkists,

2010 gave us plenty of excitement and 2011 is going to do the same.

So far, we've had gigs in the UK, Australia, Sweden and France. There
would have been Japan too had it not been for the earthquake and
tsunami and however much we regret the loss of the gigs, that's a
small matter compared to the scale of the disaster the Japanese people
have suffered.

There are, of course, more gigs to come. At the moment we have;-

August 12th Falmouth, Princess Pavillion (Huw Lloyd Langton supporting)

December 7th Sheffield, The Plug
December 8th Birmingham, HMV Institute
December 9th Manchester, Academy
December 10th London, Shepherd's Bush, 02 Empire

There will, naturally, be more dates added later on. Check on from time to time, where you enjoy a few rather
special clips which have been put there for our enjoyment....tasters
of things to come.

CDs so far this year have included Distant Horizons, Earthed To The
Ground and Agents Of Chaos and there are some delights from the 70's
out soon.

Now here's a thought. People who knock Hawkwind have been known to
suggest that the current line-up (by that I mean any 'current' line-up
of the last, say, twenty years) is living off the glory of the 70's
years. it not the case that record companies are able to
release early Hawkwind stuff now, secure in the knowledge that the
current high profile and success of the band will ensure publicity and
sales. Put simply, the Hawkwind of the 70's can now cash in on the the
profile of the Hawkwind of today.

Anyway, upcoming, in August, we have a Hawkwind cd and LP called Leave
No Star Unturned, from East Action Recordings. It's a live recording
from January 27th 1972 and has sleeve notes by Ian Abrahams....too
good to miss.

Also, we can look forward to a 3cd set called Parallel Universe, from
the UA years. 33 tracks, including a few not previously available,
also due in August (22nd). Once again, an absolute must for us.

There will also be a digital download only release called Hawkwind Zoo
– Sunshine Special EP. 5 Hawkwind Zoo tracks, including previously
unreleased versions of Hurry On Sundown and Kiss Of The Velvet Whip. I
guess we'd better have that too!

And there is more! Another book about Hawkwind is planned for
publication by Cleopatra Records. The plan is for a coffee table style
book of around 250 pages, written by Kris and including photos,
newscuttings and other things of interest. The book will run from
pre-Hawkwind days to the present, with the bulk of it centered around
the 1970's. If you have something which you think would be of interest
for the book, Brian Perera (Cleopatra) would welcome it. You can email
things to me and I'll forward to Brian.

USA fans will be pleased to know that Huw Lloyd Langton is to play
gigs there as part of a package with Nektar and Brainticket...the
Spacerock Invasion USA Tour. There are more dates to be added, but so
far we have;-

Aug 17 New York City, BB King Blues Club & Grill
18 Foxborough, MA, Showcase Live
19 Springfield, VA, Jaxx
21 Sellersville, PA, Sellersville Theatre
24 Milwaukee, WI, Shank Hall
25 Sauget, IL, Viper Alley
26 Lincolnshire, IL, Viper Alley
Sep 02 San Juan Capistrano, CA, Coach House
03 West Hollywood, CA, Key Club

Flicknife Records have come back to life and kicked off with a cd
called Unlawful Odds by (Alan Davey's band) Gunslinger. It's a live
album and it is outstanding (so watch out for their gigs...look on
Facebook)! Not a duff track on it and the sound quality is excellent.
Simply put, if you like Motorhead you'll love this to bits. Flicknife
will also be releasing Steve Swindells' The Lost Albums and a new cd
called Hawkwind: Friends And Relations: 30th Anniversary Volume, which
will include Gunslinger, Underground Zero, Hawkwind, Simon House,
Steve Swindells, Alan Davey, Bedouin, Lemmy and more.

Running out of space now, but must just mention that Osiris The
Rebirth have released another cd. It's called Lost. Look them up on
Facebook or Amazon.

And finally...I almost forgot...Hawkfan 32 was published a few weeks
ago, mostly taken up by two long reviews...the 40th anniversary event
and the 2011 December tour. £1.50 to the UK, £2.50 to Europe, £3
outside Europe.

Be of good cheer.......Brian

On 7/11/11, mike coleman <insect.brain at> wrote:
> On 7/11/11, Mike Holmes <fofp at> wrote:
>> On 10/07/2011 00:38, mike coleman wrote:
>>> I think think there is good reason "The Invaders" is so seldom re-run
>>> here in the US, and it can't be that it's dated.
>> I recall seeing a modern remake of it about 12 years ago.
>> FoFP
> Strange -
> I seem to rememeber you SEEING that .
> hmmmm
> If it is a movie I suppose I have to get to it somehow, lamo or not.
> I also came to the simple conclusion thaty Reich was just too sexual
> for the day myse;f, and I'm unkempt
> dDDYjay cand fo on my theoretical xmas wish list with gerry anderson's
> "UFO" series and the original "Invaders"
> I want to relive my youth, before back, nose, ear and other untoward
> bodily hair trouble took hold.
> I think I have in ingrown one on my brain.

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