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I've uploaded new shows from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #267),
and Astral Visions Radio. See the playlists below. Aural Innovations
broadcasts 24 hours a day in both streaming and download editions. You can
go directly to the Radio shows page at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio: NEKTAR, BRAINTICKET, HUW LLOYD-LANGTON
USA TOUR SPECIAL (show #267)


That's right folks! Nektar, Brainticket, and Huw Lloyd-Langton are touring
the USA from August 17 - September 3, with lightshow by the amazing The
Phenomenon of Luminosity (the next generation, new and improved Solar Fire
Lightshow). Here are the tour dates (See playlist page for links to purchase


New York, NY - B.B.King Blues Club

Foxborough, MA - Showcase Live

Springfield, VA - Jaxx

Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club

Sellersville, PA - Sellersville Theater

Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall

St. Louis, MO - Fubar

Lincolnshire, IL - Viper Alley

Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom

Capistrano, CA - Coach House

W. Hollywood, CA - Key Club




Nektar - "Remember the Future Part 1" [LIVE] (bonus track on Its About Music
label reissue of Remember the Future)

Nektar - "Good Day" (from Sounds Like This)

Nektar - "Prelude"/"Astronauts Nightmare" (from Journey to the Centre of the

Nektar - "Desolation Valley" (from A Tab In The Ocean)

Nektar - "Recycle"/"Cybernetic Consumption"/"Recycle Countdown"/"Automaton
Horrorscope" (from Recycled)

Nektar - "Salt and Vinegar and Rhythm and Blues" (from The Prodigal Son)

Brainticket - "Brainticket Part II" (from Cottonwoodhill)

Brainticket - "Like A Place In The Sun" (from Psychonaut)

Brainticket - "Jardins"/"Rainbow" (from Celestial Ocean)

Brainticket - "To Another Universe" (from Celestial Ocean)

Brainticket - "Life's Mirror" (from Alchemic Universe)

Huw Lloyd-Langton's LLG - "Hard Graft (Part 2) (from Hard Graft)

Lloyd Langton Group - "5 to 4" (from Chain Reaction)

Lloyd Langton Group - "Market of Death" (from Time, Space and LLG)

Lloyd Langton Group - "Shine A Light" (from Elegy)

Lloyd Langton Group - "On the Move" (from On the Move)


Astral Visions Radio (show #18)


Astral Visions Radio Show - Music from Psychotropic Zone, is hosted by DJ


Plain Ride - "Weight Of The Days" (from Stonebridge)

The Fuzztones – “Don't Speak Ill Of The Dead" (from Preaching To The

Psychic Ills - "Meta" (from Mirror Eye)

Tia Carrera - "Sand, Stone and Pearl (Edit)" (from Cosmic Priestess)

Lunar Dunes – “Free to Do" (from Galaxsea)

Organic Is Orgasmic - "The Ghost of Kubla Khan" (from As We Speak of Space
and Wisdom)

Circle - "Saarnaaja" (from Infektio)

Follakzoid - "IV, III, II, I" (from S/T EP)

Hallogallo 2010 - "Blinkgürtel" (from 7”)

Luger - "Monkeys Everywhere" (from Concrete Light)

Nick Nicely - "Whirlpool" (from Lysergia)

UNKLE (feat. The Black Angels) - "Natural Selection" (from Where Did The
Night Fall)

Lumerians - "Hashshashin" (from Transmalinna)

Quest For Fire - "In The Place Of A Storm" (from Lights From Paradise)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - "Dead Soul" (from compilation CD Voyage II - Mort
Pour La France)

Mammatus - "Pierce The Darkness" (from The Coast Explodes)

White Hills - "The Process NO OTHER WAY (Edit)" (from Measured Energy 7"
bonus download)

Earthling Society - "The Halloween Tree" (from Stations of the Ghost)

Ash Black Buffalo - "Tulsa Slut" (from Andasol)

Holy Sons - "Deprivation Thrills" (from Survivalist Tales)

Cranium Pie - "Mechanisms" (from Mechanisms (Part 1) <> 


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