Aural Innovations June 2011 Issue Online Now

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The June 2011 issue (#42) of Aural Innovations: The Global Source For
SpaceRock Exploration is now online. See the index of this issue's contents


It's been a long hard road getting this new issue ready and I'm going to beg
the patience of those expecting to see reviews that are not here. BIG thanks
go to online zine editor Jeff Fitzgerald who slogged through this issue
while dealing with sorting out all the work that needed to be done on a new
house. And then just as he got all the finished reviews to me my computer
died. Don't ya just LOVED technolgy?!!!


The June 2011 issue of Aural Innovations includes:


Nick Riff (review/interview)

Roadburn Festival 2011 coverage

Roskilde Festival 2010 coverage

Tales Of The ACTION MAN: The Ozric Tentacles' Mad Money Caper

Live concert reviews

Releases from Space Rock Productions

Releases from Sulatron Records

Releases from R.A.I.G. (Russian Association Of Independent Genres)

Releases from Ambientlive

Releases from Transubstans

Releases from Elektrohasch Records

Releases from Alone Records

Releases from Electroshock Records

Releases from Grotto Mimosa

Plus LOTS of new album reviews


You can go directly to the new issue at: <> 


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