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On Thu, 2 Jun 2011, Sybaelle wrote:
> Okay and shortly after this, I was at an alternative news site reading about 
> chemtrails and came upon this thread about orgones:
> Which led me to a whole bunch of videos on youtube 
> about....yep....accumulators.
> Of course a great many of said videos were actually different videos of our 
> favorite Hawkwind song about these accumulators.
> And then I ultimately stumbled upon another cool site.
> Until today I had only read about orgone accumulators beyond the Hawkwind 
> lyrics in Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." Today may have been a bit of overkill 
> but I still thought it was kind of cool. Hope it's of interest to others too. 
> :)

 	You're certainly not the only person who's currently interested; I 
read just the other day that there's a new biography of Wilhelm Reich out, 
albeit with a fairly misleading title:

 	But as far as musical references, especially in video form, goes, 
Kate Bush still wins:
Completely implausibly steampunk cloudbuster but somehow I don't mind... 

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