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Hi Steven, Mike's computer doesn't handle youtube, so you'll need to find
something else.  I have been away in the hospital for a few days so haven't
been really keeping track of anything on the forum.  I'll check out the
link, though and pass along the contents to Mike. Even with the lows we
humans are capable of, I think Mike you'd agree there may be a few humans
worth saving to show our maker how flawed we are, and not to make the same
mistake again. there are a few of us who may be worth saving, it's that
we're not the greatest creation of the creator, and if so, couldn't a better
job have been done.  I still have hope.  
I am much better now, I was bummed out since I missed a show due to being
incapacitated with a migraine for 3 days, rough.

Happy trails, and best wishes


P.S.   I need to get back to the beginning of this thread, I've read a few
postings, but I need to go back for a fe days to get the gist of it all, so
if my response is not relevant, sorry.

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Alright Mike,
I sentence you to five mnutes of watchign a clip from my visuals move
That might mellow you out and convince you of the value  the human race(or
some of it),  or maybe not ......

> Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 01:47:29 -0500
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> Subject: Re: (OFF) BETRAYAL
> Further, oh god it's boring in the small hours, I am not beyond the 
> possibility that making war on the human race, both physically and 
> spirtitually may have it's rewards , and I seem to naturally do my 
> good share of the latter without naming a chief entity such as a 
> biblical one....
> the concept of evil is beyond me......
> but that aside, if anyone reading this is getting a little older and 
> slower, and does not know how good the forthcoming 3CD compilation 
> "Parallel Universe" (looks) to be, then I have a link 
> somewhere.........or look into it yourself anyway......
> On 6/25/11, mike coleman <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 6/25/11, Stephen Lindsey <steve.lindsey at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >> err Mike, other people read this too, just saying...
> >> Steve L
> >
> >
> > YES!!! the beauty of the thing
> > I covered quoite a few bases in one shot, but the shot ultimately 
> > comes down to the guilty, and I figured that this was not only a way 
> > to reach them, but also to turn my anger and pain into art.
> > I calculated that all memebers have seen angry people before.....
> > after watching one of the worst movies in my life, Blondie doing 
> > "Ring Of Fire Aside", I am inspired to submit these Alice Cooper lyrics:
> >
> >
> > I'm hidden in the scream
> > When the virgin dies
> > I'm the ache in the belly
> > When your baby cries
> > And I'm the burnin' sensation
> > When the convict fries
> >
> > I'm pain
> > I'm your pain
> > Unspeakable pain
> > I'm your private pain
> >
> > And I'm the compound fracture
> > In the twisted car
> > And I'm the lines on the face
> > Of the tramp at the bar
> > And I'm the reds by the bed
> > Of the suicide star
> >
> > You know me- I'm pain
> > I'm your pain
> > Your own private pain
> > Unfathomable pain
> >
> > And it's a compliment to me
> > To hear you screamin' through the night All night Tonight
> >
> > I'm the holes in your arm
> > When you're feeling the shakes
> > I'm the lump on your head
> > When you step on the rake
> >
> > And I'm the loudest one laughing
> > At the saddest wake
> >
> > Yes I'm pain
> > I'm just pain
> > Dear old pain
> > You need your pain
> >
> > And I'm the loudest one laughing
> > At the saddest wake
> >
> > I'm the salt in the sweat
> > On the cuts of the slaves
> > I was the wound in the side
> > While Jesus prayed
> > I was the filthiest word
> > At the vandalized grave
> >
> > Yes, pain
> > Do you love me pain
> > I love my pain
> > I'm your pain
> >
> > It's a compliment to me
> > To hear you screamin' through the night All night Tonight
> >

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