Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock Show

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Fri Oct 7 05:23:14 EDT 2011 <> 




I've just uploaded a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#271). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio
shows page at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #271)


My Brother The Wind – “The Wind - Fire! Fire!!” (from I Wash My Soul In The
Stream Of Infinity)

Three Dimensional Tanx – “Psychedelic Sun” (from Three Dimensional Tanx)

Titan – “Hashishin's Ohel” (from Pacific Living)

Rapoon/Census Of Hallucinations – “Eyeing The Third” (from Industrial

Moksha – “Bubbles” (from Here To Go)

Cranium Pie – “Run To Survive” (from Mechanisms Pt 1)

The Luck Of Eden Hall – “Chrysalide” (from 4-track vinyl EP)

Us & Them with Frobisher Neck – “Fire Leap” (from Summerisle: An EP of Songs
from The Wicker Man)

Kosmonaut – “Monad” (from Emanations)

Electric Orange – “Polyzysten” (from Netto)

Electric Moon – “Lost And Found Souls” (from Flaming Lake)

Samsara Blues Experiment – “Hangin´ on the Wire” (from Revelation & Mystery)

Goddakk – “The Road North” (from N2)

Plumerai – “Empty Graves” (from Your Guilty Prize)

Deti Picasso – “Happy End Is Inevitable” (from Tripwave: A Retrospective
Collection of Russian Psychedelic Progressive Music)

The Interstellar Cementmixers – “Petroleum Afterlife” (from Submerged

Siena Root – “Waitin’ For The Sun” (from Root Jam) <> 


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