New Steven Wilson

mary ann sullivan maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Tue Oct 18 08:14:07 EDT 2011

Mike, you asked about the new release, sorry it's taken so long, it's
outstanding.  Very different from PT, more crimson, with more of a jazz
influenced, and a lot more piano and nice orchestral arrangements.  The
vocals, as always are outstanding, and, of course, the guitar work is real
nice too, more acoustic than metal, and I don't think people will compare
this to the Floyd, at all.  We give it 2 thumbs up, a must have from
proggers, perhaps Mr. Wilson's finest.
Best wishes to everyone on the forum, I know, I've been scarce.  Today is a
high stress day, because I need to get Kosh's blood sugar levels checked for
diabetes, please send positive vibes.
		I'm not much of a reviewer, if you like all the contrasts
and mood changes Steven Wilson can take you through you'll like Grace For
Drowning.  I hope this is helpful.

Love to all,

Mary Bruce

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