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Hi. Here's an updated list of some Space Rock and Hawkwind Related CD's from my collection that I'm parting with.  In addition to removing all titles recently sold, I've added a list of Space Rock various artist compilations at the end of the list that I had not previously offered for sale. Some are pretty hard to find. Thanks for everybody that bought CDs last week.  All CDs  are in  good to excellent condition. CD's are 10 US dollars each plus the cost of shipping, except for a few listings that have other prices specified. Within the US I usually ship by priority mail for 5 dollars. I will work with you for combined shipping rates for purchases of multiple CDs.   Please contact me at EliPXR5 at so I can let you know that the CD you want is still available. Please don't make any payment until I confirm your request. Payments can be made by Paypal, or US Postal money orders. Thanks in advance for any interest.
Artist-Album Title- Label-additional details

Afresco Mantis-The Harris Tweed EP-Feaky Funghi (card cover) 
Daevid Allen and Harry Williamson-22 Meanings, The Art of Glissando Guitar Vol.1- really nice digipack 
Daevid Allen & Euterpe 1977 studio rehearsals-Bananamoon Obscura#1-Voiceprint-card cover 
David Allen with Hugh Hopper and Pip Pyle Brainville Live in the U.K. -Bananamoon Obscura#2-Voiceprint-card cover 
Brainville-Allen Hopper Kramer and Pyle-The Children's Crusade-Shimmy Disc 
Amon Duul-Fool Moon-Spalax-Digipack 
Amon Duul-Meetings With Menmachines Unremakables Heroes of the Past-Spalax-digipack 
Amon Duul -Psychedlic Underground - Repertoire 
Amon Duul II - Almost Alive- InsideOut-deluxe digipac remaster with bonus tracks 
Amon Duul II - Hawk Meets Penquin - Spalax-digipack 
Amon Duul II - Hijack-Garden of Delights 
Amon Duul II - BBC Radio Live In Concert Plus- Windsong 
Amon Duul II - Nada Moonshine #- Captain Trips-Japanese import 
Amon Duul II - Only Human - Inside Out- deluxe digipack remaster and bonus tracks 
Amon Duul II- Phallus Dei - Captain Trips - Japanese import 
Amon Duul II Plays Phallus Dei-DVD In Digipac - 1968 performance film / approx. half hour NTSC all regions 
Amon Duul II - Vortex - Inside Out- deluxe digipack remaster and bonus tracks 
Amon Duul II - Yeti - Captain Trips- Japanese Import 
Amorphis-My Kantele-Relapse, digipac Hawkwind Levitation cover 
Anubian Lights-Live With Nik Turner-Strange Trips-CDR with full packaging 
Anubian Lights-Electro head Lounge Companion Remixes'96-'99-Brain Squid-Ltd. CDR 
Anubian Lights-Naz Bar-Crippled Dick Hot Wax 
Anubian Lights-Outflight-CD single 5 tracks-Crippled Dick Hot Wax 
Lydia Lunch with the Anubian Lights-Champagne, Cocaine, and Nicotine Stains-Crippled Dick Hot Wax-digipack 
Architectural Metaphor - Other Music - Kairos Music 
Ashra-(Untitled) Live In Japan 1998-Think Progressive 
Ash Ra Temple with Timothy Leary-Seven Up-Spalax 
Astralasia-The Politics of Ecstasy-Magick Eye 
Astralasia-Whatever Happened to Utopia?-Magick Eye-2 discs CD plus CD single 
Astralasia-Hashishmin-CD single-Magick Eye 
Atom Gods-History Rewritten-Progressive 
Babylon Whores-King Fear-Necropolis-Nik Turner guests 
Harvey Bainbridge-Interstellar Chaos-Taste 
Harvey Bainbridge Live 2000-Strange Trips-CDR full packaging 
Bajina-Hamburg Live- Real Festival Music- Ron Tree and Trev Thoms band 
Tim Blake-Caldea Music II- Synergy 
Tim Blake-Crystal Machine-Mantra-$15.00 
Capt,Rizz-Minifesto-EBS- still sealed in jewel case $20.00 
Captain's Log-Astral Voyage-solo CDR from Capt.Juba Nurmenniemi 
Cellular Structure-Solar Axis-Cell CD-Phil Howard and Crum-packaged CDR with printed label 
Paul Chain-Sign From Space-Beard of Stars 
Chrome-Flashback :Chrome live-The Best Of-Cleopatra Records 2CD set $15.00 
Chrome-Retro Transmission-Cleopatra 
Chrome-Tidal Forces (No Human Allowed Pt.2)-Man's Ruin 
Chrome-Half Machine Lip Moves-and -Alien Soundtracks (2 albums on one CD)-Touch and Go Records 
Chrome Box-3 CD Box Set compilation-with Box, Stcker, Poster all in mint-Cleopatra Records $20.00 
Helios Creed-Kiss To The Brain-Amphetamine Reptile 
Helios Creed- Nugg The Transport-Dossier 
Helios Creed-Lactating Purple-Amphetamine Reptile 
Helios Creed-Planet X-Amphetamine Reptile 
Helios Creed-Activated Condition-Man's Ruin 
Helios Creed-Deep Blue Love Vacuum-Noiseville 
Cluster-Japan 1998 Live-Soul 
Cluster - One Hour - Gyroscope 
Cosmic Couriers 1- Music Von - D.Moebius,M.Nuemeir,J.Engler - Hypnotic 
Holger Czukay-Moving Pictures-Purple Pyramid 
Darxtar-Sju-Black widow 
Darxtar-Tombola-Record Heaven 
Alan Davey-The Final Call- early Alan Davey self-released version released at gigs rare CDR with inserts 
Alan Davey and Nigel Potter- Alien Heart , Alan Davey self released CDR with inserts Dead Flowers-Moontan-Mystic Stones Rare 
Dr.Hasbeen-The Bridgewater Jam-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Dr.Hasbeen-2125-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Dr.Hasbeen-Inside Your Mind 1995-1998-tray card and labeled CDR 
Dr. Hasbeen-Prophtic Obscurities-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Dr.Hasbeen-Visions Of The Afterlife-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Dr.Hasbeen-Live-Powered By Beer-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Dr.Hasbeen-The Alien Within-fully packaged and labeled CDR 
Eat Static-Abduction- Ultimate 
Eat Static- Epsylon-Planet dog Records 
The Flacon Project-Lights Karma Action-Idol 
The Falcon Project Presents-The Revenge of Sonic Soular-Idol 
Larry Fast-Synergy-Third Contact 
Five Fifteen - I Don't Remember - Record Heaven CD Sinle plus 3 bonus tracks includes Games Of May and Whipping Post 
Five Fifteen- My Oh My - Record Heaven Music 4 song EP digipac 
Five Fifteen - Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camembert - Record Heaven 
Sam Fox-Watching You,Watching Me-NMC-2 CD set with CD rom track included video clips from Hawkestra $20.00 
Gong-Glastonbury Fayre 1971-GAS CD digipack 
Gong In The 70's-Voiceprint 
Gong-Love From The Planet Gong 2002 - Fan Club Compilation-Rare Tracks-GAS card cover $20.00 
Gong-Break Through The Commune-Live In Italy April 1976-Canterbury Dream - great 2 CD bootleg $20.00 
Gormenghast (A Fantasy Opera by Irmin Schmidt of CAN) - Spoon Records 
Guru Guru - 2000 Gurus - Funfundvierzig 
Harmonia 76- Tracks & Traces - Ryko - Special Package with obi type strip 
Here and Now-Coaxed Out Of Oxford- 4Zero 
Here and Now-Give and Take- Tin Toy 
Ici Maintenants - Space and Time - Fluffy Records - In Plastic Sleeve-Here and Now members 
Judge Trev's Inner City Unit-Now You Know The Score- Judgement Records 
Krom Lek-Collective Conscious-Stone Premonitions 
Krom Lek-Psychedelic Dot Krom-Stone Premonitions 
Simon House-Yassasim-EBS digipack 
Simon House Spiral Realms - Crystal Jungles Of Eos- Cleopatra 
Simon House Spiral Realms-Trip To G9-Cleopatra 
Tony Hill-Inexactness-Woronzow-with Nick Salomon 
Hign Tide- Interesting Times-Akarma-gatefold card cover 
High Tide-Sea Shanties-Repertoir 
High Tide-High Tide-Repertoire 
House of Thanadoy-Steve Higgins,Mike Howlett,Eddy Sayer-Hot CD 
Lamp Of The Universe-The Cosmic Union-Cranium 
Lemmy,Slim Jim and Danny B.-Cleopatra 
Litmus-You Are Here-Space Music 
Magic Mushroom Band-The Spaced Collection-Purple Pyramid 
Magic Mushroom Band-Freshly Picked-Magick Eye 
Man-First Self Titled Man-Point 
The Meads Of Asphodel-The Excommunication of Christ-Supernul Records-Huw Llloyd Langton guests 
Monster Magnet- Dave Wyndorf Interviewed by Sean Yseult - A & M - promo digipac included Bill Laswell "orb" track 
Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity - A & M 
Monster Magnet - Fuel From Powertrip - A & M - Promo sampler CD 5 tracks card cover  
Monster Magnet - Heads Explode - A & M - 3 audio tracks plus video for Heads Explode 
Monster Magnet - Powertrip - A & M promo hole punch 
Monster Magnet - Monolithic Baby - SPV - Deluxe Digipac with Bonus DVD $12.00 
Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead - A & M Record - 3 song promo digipac EP 
Monster Magnet - Silver Future - Heavy Metal 2000 - Restless - One track single in jewel box with Bisley cover 
Monster Magnet - Space Lord Plus 3 - A & M - 4 track card cover promo EP 
The Moor-Every Pixie Tells A Story-Bishop Garden-promo sticker 
Mr. Quimby's Beard - The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of-Stone Premonitions 
Neu! - white letters on black background - Astralwerks 
Neu!- Red letters on white background- private pressing 
Neu! 2- Astralwerks 
Nukli- The Time Factory- Delerium - $20.00 
Nucleon-Hyper Emitter-Manic Moon 
Pink Fairies-Never Never Land-Polydor remastered with bonus tracks 
Pink Fairies-What A Bunch Of Sweeties-Polydor remastered with bonus tracks 
Pink Fairies-Kings Of Oblivion-Polydor remastered with bonus tracks 
Pink Fairies-Pleasure Island-Twink Records 
Pink Fairies-Master Series-Polydor-best of comp with rarities 
Pink Fairies-The BBC Sessions-Mandies and Mescaline Round At Uncle Harry's-NMC 
Pink Fairies-The Golden Years 1969-1971-Purple Pyramid 
Pink Fairies-No Picture-Twink Records 
Pink Fairies-Kings Of Oblivion-Raceway 
Pink Fairies-2LPS and 1 EP on 1 CD-Live At The Roundhouse,The Pink Fairies Previously Unreleased,Do It'77-Big Beat $20.00 
Pink Fairies and The Deviants-Son of Ham/ HamsVol.2-UHCK ZIne-Fairies and Deviants Friends and Relations compilation 
Pink Fairies and The Deviants-Hogwatch/ HamsVol.3-UHCK ZIne-Fairies and Deviants Friends and Relations compilation 
The Deviants-This CD Is Condemned-Total Energy 
The Deviants-Barbarian princes-Live In Japan1999-Captain Trips-Japanese import $20.00 

The Pyramids Of Snafu-Alternative Present-Zep Tepi-with Terry Ollis,Mick Slattery,Jaki Windmill, and other hipsters 4 tracks $20.00 
Porcupine Tree Insignificance-Bootleg CD-packaged and labeled-its a copy of the Delerium cassette only promo only release & copies the art $25
Pressurehead-Explaining The Unexplained-Cleopatra-Digipack with fat booklet 
Pressurehed-Sudden Vertigo-Cleopatra 
Pseudo Sun- Future Memoirs-PSCD Queens of the Stone Age-Go With The Flow-Interscope-CD single 
Queens of the Stone Age-Songs For the Deaf- Interscope-promo copy 
Secret Saucer-Element 115-Dead Ernest 
Adrian Shaw-Tea For The Hydra- Woronzow 
Adrian Shaw-Head Cleaner - Woronzow 
Adrian Shaw- Displaced Person - Woronzow 
Soma-Dreamtime-Beard of Stars 
Soma-Epsilopn - Rune 
Space Explosion- D.Moebius,M.Neumeir,J.Engles,C.Karrer,Zappi Diermoier,J.H.Peron - Captain Trip-Japanese Import with obi strip
Spacehead-Of Stars and Time-EBS 
Spirits Burning-Reflections In A Radio Shower-Gazul Records 
Starfire-CD Release from Hawkwind songwriter Doug Buckley 
Subzone-Paranoid Landscape-Badman-one track engineered by Helios Creed 
Damo Suzuki's Network - JPN ULTD VOL.1-with Michael Karoli and Mani Neumeir-Network 
Tangerine Dream-The Analogue Space Years 1969-1973-Purple Pyramid-2 gold discs in a cardboard slip case with poster $15.00 
Tangerine Dream - First Album- Disky 
The Spacious Mind-Cosmic Minds At Play-Garageland 
The Spacious Mind-The Mind Of A Brother-Delerium 
Tower Of Electric Onions- German self released progressive space rock CD 
Tractor-30th Anniversary Special Edition plus live bonus tracks-Ozit/Morpheus 
Nik Turner's Kubanno Kickasso-Ozit/NikT 
Farflung with Nik Turner-Live at Strange Daze '99-Strange Trips-Fully packaged CDR 
46000 Fibres & Nik Turner-Set 3- Dyskfunctional-Rare $20.00 fully packaged CDR 
Inner City Unit-The Maximum Effect-Real Festival Music-Fully packaged CDR 
Vocokesh-ispepnaibara-Lexicon Devil 
Zero Gravity-Space Does Not Care-Hypnotic-Len Del Rio solo, from Pressurehed, Farflung, Anubian Lights 
Various artists compilations:
Welcome To The World Of Demi Monde-Gongmaison, Daevid Allen,Oroonies, Amon Duul/Robert Calvert, Mother Gong, Mr.Quimby's Beard,Ullulators,Groundhogs, Tangle Edge, Dean Carter, and more $10.00
Turn,Century, Turn-Space Rock And Psychedelia From Around The Globe-with Alien Planetscapes,F/i, Tangle Edge, Holy River Family Band, Escapade, Beyonomatic, Iron Bong, Volcano The Bear and more $10.00
The Tapestry of Delights- Standarte,Beggars Farm, Fantasyy Factoryy,Sun Dial cover High Tide, Hawkwind, T-Rex, Pink Fairies, High Tide, Soft Machine, Atomic Rooster, Crazy World of arthur brown, E.Broughton Band, and more-Black Widow label $15.00
Space Daze- Cleopatra space Rock 2 CD set- Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Psychic TV,The Orb, Helios Creed, Legendary pink Dots, Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Spiral Realms (Simon House), Alien Sex Fiend, Brian Eno, Pressurehed, Coil, Syd Barrett, Amon Duul II, Nik Turner, Tangerine dream, Sky Cries Mary, and more- $20.00
Space Box/1970 & Beyond, Space,Krautrock,and Acid Trips-Cleopatra Records- 3 CD Box Set- Hawkwind, Kraftwilt, Popol Vuh, Chrome, Gong, Hawklords, Spiral Realms (Simon House),  Pressurehed, Amon Duul II, Nik Turner, Ron Geesin, F/i, Cluster, Architectural metaphor, Porcpine Tree, Alien Planetscapes, Guru Guru, Darxtar, Michael Moorcock, Anubian Lights, Harvey Bainbridge, Faust, Harmonia, and many more, with nice cardboard box, and poster $25.00


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