(OFF) HW) new version of Green Finned Demon for download

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at CORIOLIS.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Wed Sep 21 10:59:08 EDT 2011

On Sun, 18 Sep 2011, mike coleman wrote:
> On 9/18/11, stewartbas at aol.com <stewartbas at aol.com> wrote:
>> You'll get 2 hour warning...have your baseball mit handy.
> "Catch a Falling........"  ...wait a min, what am I trying to catch?

 	"Just buy an acre of ground, and wait." If I were you (which I'm 
not) I'd mark it out with a landing pad. Yours,

"It's ridiculous, because everybody's coloured or you wouldn't be able
 	   to see them." (Captain Beefheart on racism, 1974)
    Jon Jarrett, Oxford, UK      jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk

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