Downloads, Green Finned Demon and Hawkwind Zoo

Mike Holmes fofp at STAFFMAIL.ED.AC.UK
Wed Sep 28 12:16:41 EDT 2011

On 28/09/2011 16:37, mike coleman wrote:
> Yes, you did
> I am not feeling so well just now, but I will find you a link soonish
> if someone does not do it right now.
> I have a big favor
> can you confirm that your BBC LP actually has Brian Matthew hosting
> and not Johnny Walker??
> I seem to recall him identifying himself on one of them (or both)  but
> my memory fades a bit
> and can I push my luck??  is the 7by7 version included on the 4th and
> last Liberty Silver Machine singles EXACTLY from SR, or is the vocal
> or anything slightly diff??
> If you remember that is
> thanks

Have to remind me about this in 2 weeks. Going off for a bit...


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