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On 9/30/11, Jonathan Jarrett <jjarrett at> wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Sep 2011, mike coleman wrote:
>> among the ex-members there is (at least) one who stands unique.
>> one who stands, untarnished.
>  	Well, John Harrison at least. But if there's more than one then
> he's not unique, can I think of another? Hawkestra spoils a lot of cloaks,
> if I'm understanding what you're meaning. Stacia never came *back*,
> though, did she? And nor, surely, did Paul Rudolph once actually gone?
> Ginger Baker... Keith Hale... Clive Deamer? Mick Kirton, if he counts...
> Or have I missed the trick? Yours,
>  				   Jon
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> "It's ridiculous, because everybody's coloured or you wouldn't be able
>  	   to see them." (Captain Beefheart on racism, 1974)
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I figured a lot of cloaks spoiled SINCE the Hawkestra, and I was also
not thinking so far back. But I have not been able to afford to "pay
attention", so I don't really know who's "over here" and who's "over
lets see, John Harrison- can't say I myself ever got a feel for him,
and it's been so long I don't know what that would do for my own
personal excitement factor, but that's just me.
Stacia, didn't sing or play mucical instruments so I would hope "they"
can be hiked up nicely and that the makeup might work for her in a
KISS reunion sort of way, if she's lurking nearer...or needs the
The others also never established in my mind, seeming to have made
such brief contributions from where I sit in Dallas. Canlt see Ginger
but then that WOULD be a suprise, so HEY!!!....
No, I had something a little more recent and a little  more personal
to us, in mind.
My post was probably "out of place"

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