HW: OFF: Tubilah Dog

Keith Henderson khenders64 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 4 23:24:03 EST 2012


> Tubilah Dog - Rock In A Weird Place (ca. 1987-88?)
> 1. Other Side Of The Sky (?)  (4:30) - original song, not a Gong cover!
> 2. Won't You Feel My Love? (?) (4:14)
> 3. Imhotep (7:35)
> 4. Timely News (?) (Live) (6:00)  or Tie Me Shoes (?)  :)
> 5. Why Keep On Searchin' (?) (5:39)
> 6. Step Down (Live) (9:46)
> 7. Damnation Alley (Live) (8:24)
> The version of Damnation Alley here is really good, and I
> was going to throw is up on FileFactory for folks to
> download if they wanted, but that site is not allowing free
> uploads at the moment, so I will do it if there's interest
> and it becomes available again to me eventually.

OK, FileFactory is back up again for free uploads, so I put this track up there for everyone to check out, if they want.  It won't stay up for long, necessarily, so don't wait.  I think it will stay there as long as people keep accessing it, but then afterwards it will disappear in a week or so.

Sorry, the URL link won't work because the silly parantheses cuts off the hyperlink short, so you'll have to manually add in the last part into the URL yourself, or just copy the whole thing across.  Let me know if anyone has any problem accessing it.  It's a AAC/MPEG-4 (176 kbps) file, so standard iTunes format.


Just for kicks, I also uploaded the LP version of Calvert's poem from Lucky Leif that was so totally butchered on the CD rerelease for some reason.  Here's a cleaned up LP-transfer for anyone that is sick of listening to that CD nonsense.  (This hyperlink should work, unlike the last one.)


That's all...Keith

P.S.  Nobody has this Rock in a Weird Place tape/CDR?  Who the hell gave/traded it to me then?

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