Steve Freight stevefreight at GMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 10 06:51:06 EST 2012

Got my new double edition of this.

Still not one of my favourites but pleased to have the Sam Fox version of
Gimme Shelter included, and I do like the title track and the obvious HW

I can also leave the Spirit of the Age remixes as never a fan of trance
stuff, but wonder why Spirit of The Age (Hard Trance Mix) only available on
the 12" version of the original EP was left off? Was the 12" forgotten?

Also there are a few typos in the notes, which given previous releases
(apart from the comical lyrics to Images) I found very strange.

I've always thought that with this album and Electric Teepee there is one
great HW album bursting to get out.

However it is nice to have all on one disc set.

Cue the mails on IITBOTFTBD and ET are my favourite albums! Just my opinion.


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