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Fri Feb 10 09:11:49 EST 2012

On 2/10/12, Steve Freight <stevefreight at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can also leave the Spirit of the Age remixes as never a fan of trance
> stuff, but wonder why Spirit of The Age (Hard Trance Mix) only available on
> the 12" version of the original EP was left off? Was the 12" forgotten?

I had planned on living without replacing these 12"ers..,.......
How much is one of those now?
But I thank you for reminding me to play the Silver Machine 12" that
IO never got back in my day, that has been sitting on my shelf for a
couple years now.
I finally have what I need to make playing it feasible......

as for IITHBO (you get it), I wish you could see the video a friend
made of that to computer animation.
It caused a car wreck (I later learned)
"not quick enough to anger.... too slow to understand......was that
fear or apathy?"
extermination GUARANTEED

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