Fwd: CDS Hawk News: Jettisoundz Promo Years DVD offer [I]

Mike Holmes fofp at STAFFMAIL.ED.AC.UK
Fri Feb 24 05:43:57 EST 2012

On 23/02/2012 13:34, Steve Bishop wrote:
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> OK, there'll probably me plenty who disagree with me, but I always thought
> that 'Night of the Hawk' was a GREAT Hawkwind anthem that should be played at
> all their live gigs - and yet it disappeared from the set list long ago and
> has never returned ....... I'd love to see it resurrected !!

I wholeheartedly second the motion of comrade Bishop! "Hight of The 
Hawk" whould be the signature of Hawkwind.

Mike "Too much union business" Holmes

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