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It's the crucial difference between you and 2OC - one is still pushing himself, still creating, still excited by new songs. The 
other is content to coast into the sunset and just play some gigs from an increasingly limited pool of songs. 
For myself, I prefer your point of view. When I read your brother writing on the bocfans forum that he's writing 
new songs as fast as he can, it speaks volumes. 

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They had opportunities, extra tracks and outtakes and demos from Imaginos, hundreds of songs from the Conry's tapes but no. Thank God I don't have to live in THAT past. 
New Blue Coupe, at least 14 brand new songs, mixes etc.(the new record will have the 12 that sound the best together), and 4 more left over from the last record. We wanted to re-record the Robby Krieger song that we left off the last one and he said, "Oh, but I liked that version." We will kill it (in a great way) on the next version which we didn't have time to record this time around. 'Nuff said. 
Also next month I'm going to start a Kickstarter drive to fund the digitization of all the Conry's tapes. It will be fairly inexpensive but beyond my means at the moment unless the BOC box garners me truckloads of dough, not holding breath. Just sayin'. 

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> I have to be honest, I'm really not very impressed with either disc listing. About the only thing that got me excited was seeing "Wings of Mercury" listed. Be nice to finally have a clean copy of that. But, for the most part it's just a bunch of stuff we've all mostly heard in various forms over the years, or demos of a lot of stuff we already know. Mono Godzilla! Is it really that significant?? 
> How about real rarities? Like "Sally" from the AOF reissue some years back (yeah I know Al did it with the Brain Surgeons). " Dial M for Murder" from Specters, etc. 
> Are they including that sort of thing on the album discs? Or is this pretty much it for bonus stuff? I mean besides giving us what they've already given us on 7 of the disks. 
> If this is it, then I say 'Meh!' 
> Of course I've had my tickets for the concert since they went on sale. That guests are still "a surprise!" has my sarcasm up. Maybe one of the guests will be Eric's High School Band teacher!! 
> --Eric 
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>> on website, they've posted PDFs of the Rarities and Best 
>> of the Broadcasts discs. 
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