Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock Show

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
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I've just uploaded a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#295). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio
shows page at:


NOTE: New album reviews are posted regularly at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #295)


Earthling Society - "The Silver And The Black" (from Zodiak)

Chickencage Experience - "The Owl, The Bell And The Club Of Veterans" (from
An Eggspoiltation Movie)

Dodson And Fogg - "Crinkle Drive" (from Dodson And Fogg)

Aural Innovations ID (by Stone Premonitions)

Mantric Muse - "Azur" (from Mantric Muse)

Erin Hill & her Psychedelic Harp - "Girl Inventor" (from Girl Inventor)

Timworld - "Moon Tropism" (from Dhoom)

The Snails - "Sidewalks" (from The Snails)

Aural Innovations ID (by Gayle Ellett of Djam Karet)

The Space Sharks - "Apocalypse" (from The Space Sharks)

The Pancakes - "Man On The Moon" (from SpaceCow)

The Pancakes - "The Too Long Fried Hemp-Pancake Woman" (from The
Pancakes/Magi Razzo split LP)

The Pancakes - "Dr. Moreau Meets Dracula At Dawn And Sends Him Back To Space
In 45 Seconds" (from Volcanic Frog Island)

Aural Innovations ID (by Stone Premonitions)

The Pancakes - "Catch The Stars" / "Aquanautenfee" (from Aquanaut)

The Pancakes - "Elephant" (from UFOs Over Ellmendingen)

Zone Six - "Isotoxick" (from Live at Sulatron Label Night) <> 


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