John L. Sullivan

Chris Baker coffeebaker at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Sun Sep 2 13:45:04 EDT 2012

OK so following Ralph's links led me to this:

which is the most remarkable 91 seconds of music I've heard for quite some

Presumably this is the same song that Richard Melter referenced in The
Aesthetics of Rock as the SWU "John L. Sullivan Readymade"  "...which I
wrote the words to"


is this Stalk-Forrest? BOC? and what year? and who wrote the tune?

And what are these references to this being on a promotional BOC release
along with a "demo of Hot Rails to Hell" and other stuff ???

I've listened to this thing about forty times already.  Goddamned genius.
And Albert's drum move at :32 is on the short list of my all-time favorite
moments of his :-)

-Chris Baker 

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