Silver Machine - William Shatner

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Fri Sep 14 02:58:29 EDT 2012

I have not yet allowed a single note of the shat in my head.
until this.
i may start a bari watts thread to see if you or anyone knows anything..

On 9/13/12, Jonathan Jarrett <jjarrett at> wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Jun 2012, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>> On 06 Jun 2012, at 08:01 , Albert Bouchard wrote:
>>> There is and always will be only only one Bill Shatner. If you never saw
>>> Boston Legal you might not get him. Like a fine well-kept cigar he gets
>>> better with age. It's cool that he murders Silver Machine though, not
>>> that
>>> I would ever actually listen to it… more than once anyway.
>> Perhaps mercifully, he didn't attempt ETI or Astronomy or something ;)
>  	I can totally imagine Shatner doing either of those and probably
> no-one should suggest it to him, since records indicate that he has no
> known shame and he might try it.
>> Although unfortunately, I _can_ create a pretty good mental "aural
>> image" of Shatner attempting "Dominance & Submission", and even the
>> imagined version is pretty scarring .... ;)
>  	I have enough willpower not to follow you there, thank goodness.
> But seriously--or rather not--he's known he's a joke with perfect clarity
> for a long long time now. If you want to see a song that practically
> deserved the Shatner treatment, and worryingly close to topic, witness
> this version of Elton John's `Rocket Man', it's *hilarious* and totally
> self-conscious:
> Space travel, sneaky drugs references and ham acting, served deadpan in
> black tie with the aid of low-grade seventies TV trickery, I think this
> all goes to show it's OK when it happens to something we don't own and
> love ;-)
>> PS - The cover of "Iron Man" -- with the participation of Zakk Wylde,
>> heavens help us -- is fairly scarring as it is ....
>  	Zakk must have been taken in by the success of Shatner's older
> collaboration with Henry Rollins :-) But that version at least is arguably
> no sillier than the original... Yours,
>  					Jon
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