New(ish) Espada Negra song: "Chaos Born"

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sat Sep 15 00:55:18 EDT 2012

oops, acciedentally left out "artillery-bomb" along with the
anyway, wish it had been on my stereo

On 9/14/12, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
> If my vote counts, I liked it, especially the ending guitars and sound
> fx. I'd take the soundcloud thing one further, and say the "wave" is
> like a phallic nephilim-sword with a musical condom creeping up from
> behind.
> I had to put on brotherhood of man afterwords to remind everyone of
> the mutant in their midst, then came the silence.
> On 9/14/12, Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at> wrote:
>> 'Been so busy that I forget to do this bit of shameless self-promotion!
>> Not long ago, Espada Negra (recording project currently consisting of
>> myself
>> and Andy Gilham, ex of this list) release a new song ... their second
>> song,
>> actually, and first original piece:
>> "Chaös Born", audible via such online haunts as:
>> Reveling in blatant Elric-ism, "Chaös Born" takes some (admittedly very
>> faint) musical cues from Hawkwind's "Magnu" (some of the chords) and Blue
>> Öyster Cult's "Black Blade" (mmm, middle bit with synth) ... but mostly
>> it's
>> howling chaos.  ('Cause sometimes a screaming black hell-sword is just a
>> screaming black hell-sword ...)
>> Cheers,
>> Carl
>> --
>> Carl Edlund Anderson

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