New(ish) Espada Negra song: "Chaos Born"

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at CARLAZ.COM
Sat Sep 15 07:09:53 EDT 2012

On 14 Sep 2012, at 21:12 , Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at> wrote:
> "Chaös Born", audible via such online haunts as:

I should add that, where such a feature is available via the above sites, it's possible to download the track as well as stream it.  (Download file type, etc. also varies by site, if available.)

Bandcamp asks you to name a price, Soundawesome talks about a "shopping cart", etc. but more than 0 dollars/pounds/flecks-of-gold dust is not required.  (Though Bandcamp offers you an option to pay bazillions of whatevers should the spirit move you! ;))


Carl Edlund Anderson

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