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Alex S. Garcia asg at MVDBASE.COM
Sun Sep 30 07:52:38 EDT 2012

Hello all,

Composer Justin Radford and myself have finished writing a musical called "In 
Odin's name" which is based (as the title suggests) on Norse mythology. This 
is quite different from the CD I'd mentioned here some time ago ("Istree" by 
MSA Project) since this isn't metal but more of a mix between many different 
musical genres -- including rock, pop, classical music and jazz fusion! It 
does have a strong progressive vibe to it, however.

In any case, we have launched a one month Kickstarter Campaign to gather $3000 
to finance the project. This money will be used, among other things, to hire 
professional singers and pay for a proper recording studio.

Any contribution (even small ones) would, of course, be highly appreciated! 
All contributors will also get something in exchange (dependent on the amount 

Here are a few useful links, for more information on this if you're curious 
(or wish to participate):

The first link includes information on the reward system and a video 
presenting the project. It also has three sample songs.

The second site is a more thorough presentation, including character 
backgrounds (with many plot spoilers!) and additional songs.

The third is our official Facebook page.

Regarding the song samples, BTW, keep in mind that these are very rough demos, 
including temp vocals.

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