any late-October Blue Coupe shows?

Ralph kirthgersen at HOTMAIL.CO.UK
Sun Sep 30 08:41:17 EDT 2012

As far as I know - which is often not a particularly great distance - Joe's away on another of his XBrothers/Simple Man cruises during that period - a simple fact that also seems to have ruled out any suggestion of any sort of the merest possibility of a hint of any sort of reunion for a song or two at the Best Buy...  that's pre-supposing there ever was the will for anything like that anyway...

That said - I did see this event advertised for the same night:

If Joe IS away with the XBros, then obviously he can't attend this - so - and if that's true - will it be just Two Coupe (Al and DD - or will they draft in somebody - I dunno, Richie Scarlett or someone...?

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