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The best PKD adaption is A SCANNER DARKLY. BLADERUNNER is not bad.
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> Mike, I wish you could enjoy some of his books, they're a real mind bender,
> movies have been made of a few of his films, I'd need to think of the right
> book or movie to turn you on to, he dealt with a wide range of subjects,
> from music, futurism, politics, spirituality, drugs and perception of
> reality, and so much more.   He was way ahead of his time,   His stories
> were multidimensional.  I can't read many books more than once, since I
> remember so much of them, but a good PKD book I find I get more from the
> second read.  Often your left  scratching your head saying "what the f***
> just happened).  He's my favorite author, as much as I enjoy Michael
> Moorcock's work along with many other great authors, in many genres.  I'm
> tired so going to zone, after checking the rest of my mail.
> Goodnight to all, , I'll be back soon,
> Mary
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> > I love all PKD's novels....,
> They say he's great
> I wish i could read fiction
> (temporary subject swerve)
> I am dying to find out what happens when you guys go to the moon!!!

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