Best of 2013 (...The Cosmic Dead)

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Would someone please tell me if Hawkwind still plan to play Boston, my
computer must have been down when the new dates came out?



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Hey Folks...

Suppose I should contribute something for a change.

Noted the discussion about The Cosmic Dead, and I quite like them, though
I'm not sure any of their releases will make my Best of... list this year.
There's suddenly so much stuff out there in "Bandcampland" and the like!!
Having a really hard time narrowing the field to the truly outstanding.  To
demonstrate, here's my list of candidates...what's your favorite of the

At the moment, I am gravitating towards the White Manna as my Album of the
Year.  They are just too awesome.  I also really like Cave, Pyramidal, and
this new Columbus band (too bad I don't live there anymore) Brujas del Sol,
so those will be Top 10ers for sure.  The HW-related releases were also
pretty strong, including Hawklords, Timelords (essentially TOSH, if I'm not
mistaken), and Nik's thing. Haven't heard Spacehawks yet, but I doubt if I
would include it anyway, since it's largely compilation, right?  Still,
anxious to hear new versions of WotEoT tracks.

By the way...I had a ticket for the Wash DC show, and it was originally
rescheduled for March 15, and now I see it has been cancelled entirely, even
though I've seen announcements for other US/CN dates in mid-March for other
cities.  Still waiting to hear about Cleveland and Philly, both of which I
also hold tickets for.  Does that just mean that this particular club in DC
no longer fits into the tour scheduling plans, and that the tour is still on
for March, or what has anybody heard?  I'm anxious for it to take place for
real!!  I have nothing to see here live hardly...although Clutch is playing
right here in my little town next month.  'Course, they're nearly local,

Keith H. (State College PA)

Happy Solstice

P.S.  Another Glasgow band (like Cosmic Dead), called Deadotter, had a bunch
of nice spacey jam tracks up on YouTube from a few years' back...they were
really cool, but I gather nothing official ever got released.  Check out
"Mother Music" if it's still up there.

ObNewBand - Electric Eye (Bergen Norway)

2013 List (Psych/Space/Kraut/Stoner/Postrock)
Nik Turner - Space Gypsy
Korai Orom - 2013
Lumerians - The High Frontier
White Manna - Dune Worship
Cave - Threace
The Timelords - Convergence
Vespero - Liventures Etc.
Vespero - Droga
Temple Of The Smoke - Lost Art Of The Twilight
Monkey3 - The 5th Sun
This Will Destroy You - Live in Reykjavik, Iceland Hammock - Oblivion Hymns
God Is An Astronaut - Origins First Communion Afterparty - Earth Heat Sound
Chatham Rise - S/T BLIM - Zero/No Frills ('92-'93, '13) Mind - Stunde Null
Camera - System Solaire EP Baby Guru - Pieces ('12) Pyramidal - Frozen
Galaxies Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood Domovoyd - Oh
Sensibility Man From Hidria - Clouds & Oceans Black Sun Ensemble - Behind
Purple Clouds The Evil Eye Psychedelic Project - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Laughing Sky - Divine (12/12) Rendlesham Forest Incident - Last Flight Of
The Hope Dempsey Atomic Simao - Nodo Atomic Simao - Sphyro Cambrian
Explosion - The Sun EP Electric Eye - Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time Luder -
Adelphophagia Electric Moon/Papir - The Papermoon Sessions 3rd Ear
Experience - Peacock Black 3rd Ear Experience - Boi White Hills - So You
Are, So You'll Be Krobak - Little Victories Reptiel - Violent Sagas Of The
Ancients Papir - Papir III The Cosmic Dead - Orbiting Salvation Kamikaze
Scotsmen - Ark EP Hola One - Moments Wooden Shjips - Back To Land Hawklords
- Dream Taipuva Luotisuora - 8 Kikagaku Moyo - S/T Brujas del Sol -
Moonliner Telstar Sound Drone - Comedown Giobia - Introducing Night Sound
Space Mirrors - The Other Gods Cosmic Trip Machine - Golden Horus Name Alpha
Omega - Down The Gravity Well Lamp Of The Universe - Transcendence Space
Debris - She's A Temple OSC - Organic Earthly Flotation The Ultra Electric
Mega Galactic - S/T Paradise 9 - Take Me To The Future Aqua Nebula
Oscillator - Spiritus Mundi Earthless - From The Ages Krautzone - Kosmische
Rituale Manthra Dei - S/T Perandg - Plains EP Mechanik - Velut Stella
Splendida Circle - Six Days Run Psicomagia - S/T The Cosmic Dead - Inner
Sanctum Hollow Mirrors - Hollow Mirrors II Pothead - Jackpot (late 2012-13?)
Golden Void - S/T (late 2012) V/A - Remembering Alex Hunt Architectural
Metaphor - Everything You Know Is Wrong ('07, '13) Melodic Energy Commission
- Wave Packet Red Fang - Whales & Leeches Black Pyramid - Adversarial King
Bong - Space Shanties Clutch - Earth Rocker Nektar - Time Machine Vibravoid
- Delirio dei Sensi Deep Purple - Now What?!
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing The Crystal Caravan - With
Them You Walk Alone Colour Haze - She Said ('12-'13?) Last Night Render
(formerly Apes Of Space) - An Excuse To Go Mad The Cosmic Dead/Pigs x7 -
Split LP Monster Magnet - Last Patrol Falcon (ex-Circle) - Frontier Buddha
Sentenza - South West Lower Valley Rock Insider - Event Horizon Het Droste
Effect - S/T, Lingerland (2012-13) Space Mushroom Fuzz - Man In The Shadow,
Stealing Some Time, A Possible Paradox

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