OFF: A request for some UK library research assistance

Ben Cohen ben at TMK.COM
Mon Dec 23 08:07:19 EST 2013

Hello, all,

This is completely off-topic. I need some help with a little research on
something for a personal project. This will, I believe, probably just involve
10-20 minutes in a library somewhere (probably anywhere?) in the UK.

Specifically, I'm trying to find a list of the shows (plays, musicals - that
sort of thing) that were on-stage in London in November and December, 1988. My
initial thought for how to get that was to take a look at some archived
newspapers to look at performance listings from a few weeks back then.
However, the newspaper archives seem to only be available (free) from
libraries in the UK. Otherwise, they're rather expensive to get individual

Is there, perhaps, anyone on that side of the pond who might be willing to
take a run to a library for me (or, for that matter, if you've got any other
way to find it)?

By way of verifying said list of shows - it should definitely include "A Walk
in the Woods", staring Alec Guinness, and another one (title uncertain) that
was a Sherlock Holmes play.

Oh, and if, indeed, the easiest way to do this is just to grab some page
images from a few archived newspapers - please - that's really all I need.
I've got no problems with browsing through them myself.

So... anyone out there willing and able to lend me a hand? Please? :-)


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