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why not put some podcast in your life instead??

how can a human head compete :) :)??

I was wondering: has anyone yet used a voice-speach box like hawking
that they didn't need and could i get one cheap??

remember 'theres always the podcast listening in, before you begin"

On 12/23/13, mary sullivan <maryann.sullivan1 at> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Hey C. Like the pun on Keith's name, (you're bad, (grin).
> Who wrote Watchmen, I can't find it on my on-line service.  You are
> absolutely right about a clockwork orange being so much better as a novel.
> The terms he made up were at the beginning of the book on tape, so I played
> them once, and was good to go for the rest of the read, if I forgot what
> something meant I could take it in context.  I didn't like the scene with
> the cats, though, but that's my personal thing. I believe I'd like The
> Watchmen, (or whatever it's called), being interested in telepathy.
> Really,
> the Chrisolyds, (could have the spelling wrong, sorry) is a must read for
> anyone into telepathy, and I do wish I could find the Telepathist as
> previously suggested  to me.  The works  of Besta are cool, and the
> character of Besta is 1 I love to hate from my favorite show Babylon 5.
> Any
> suggestions for good new science fiction shows, or movies, well?  Keith,
> thanks for the link on YouTube, I'm enjoying the music, awesome guitar
> work). it's a nasty rainy day, I guess I'll read a book for a bit.
> Mary I love The Matrix.  I can't keep up with all the great releases coming
> out, I check out what I can, based on suggestions from the forums on
> YouTube.
> Thanks,
> Happy holidays,
> Your friend,
> Mary
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> Subject: Keef E	ndersons 2013 list / SF movie adaptations
> I liked Bladerunner in its various reduxes for the past 30 years without
> reading the novel i think its a great SF flick up there with Alien,
> Terminator, Robocop etc. Watchmen is a MUST read and SEE movie, mindblowing
> adaptation that left out 60% of the book yet pulled off an incredible
> movie.
> A Clockwork Orange is my favorite all time movie, seen it 30 times.
> Finally read the extended book some years ago, wow, loved it. Jazzy
> writing,
> fast paced with all the Nadsat and psycholical chit chat with our dear
> Delinquent Droog Alex, get to know him well hehe. Inspired by skinheads in
> the early 60s and inspired countless bands to adopt the Droog look (Chrome,
> Turbonegro etc).
> I have a Top 40 of 2013 i am presenting, though i have slashed it down to a
> shorter Top 25 for Jerry's Aural Innovations blog, with commentary for each
> release. ArcMet up first since i had my art in the latest CD by them (PLUG
> PLUG!). But otherwise no particular order than double cheese w/ pepperoni
> to
> "Go" or the usual Freemasonry orders etc. Stay tuned for Jan 1 when all our
> selections are published. Keith had so much stuff i never heard of so he
> will have to drive me more insane collecting wise then.
> Architectural Metaphor - Everything You Know Is Wrong Nik Turner - Space
> Gypsy Black Sabbath - 13 Voďvod - Target Earth Acid FM - Electric No. 3
> Guild Navigators - Red Vision 7 EP Monster Magnet - Last Patrol Burzum -
> Sol
> Austan, Mani Vestan Space Mirrors - The Other Gods Spirits Burning &
> Clearlight - Healthy Music In Large Doses David Bowie - The Next Day The
> Bevis Frond - Live From The Psychedelic Network Festival 2011 The Bevis
> Frond - White Numbers Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (And
> Other Stories) Řresund Space Collective - Entering Into The Space Country /
> Phaze Your Fears Řresund Space Collective - Hamburg Concerts 2013 [ltd.
> 200]
> Řresund Space Collective - Live At Kildemose 2008-2010 [ltd. 200 copies]
> 2LP
> Řresund Space Collective - Organic Earthly Floatation [ltd. 500 copies] LP
> Cathedral - The Last Spire Ulver - Messe I.X-VI.X Hawklords - Dream
> Hawkwind
> - Spacehawks Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time [Atomhenge 2CD+DVD
> remaster clamshell ed, with Steven Wilson mix] The Legendary Pink Dots -
> The
> Gethsemane Option The Legendary Pink Dots - The Curse Of Marie Antoinette
> LP
> The Legendary Pink Dots - Code Noir Pre-Med - Einstein's Day Off Ra Can Row
> - Ra Can Row LP [reissue] Sarke - Aruagint Satyricon - Satyricon Sendelica
> -
> The Kaleidoscopic Kat And It's Autoscopic Ego Huw Lloyd-Langton - Rare &
> Unreleased: Anthology 1971-2012 Marillion - Clocks Already Ticking [live]
> [2DVD/3CD] Marillion - Brave Live 2013 (2CD, Racket) Fish - A Feast Of
> Consequences Megadeth - Super Collider Motörhead - Aftershock Melodic
> Energy
> Commission - Wave Packet V.A. - The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen 7" EP
> [w/ Nick Nicely, The Bevis Frond, Anton Barbeau / Three Minute Tease & Paul
> Roland] [Fruits De Mer release]
> Christian

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