OFF) no "strangers" in here, just lettin' ya'll know/ A.ANDROID voiceover

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short burst of ionised mindair-

okay folks this did some magic for sure-  my old friend mark, a
brainiac fiction lover also praised PD,
I once tried to read one of his books (struggling to recall which,
think it may not be menioned here) but I was smoking dope then and
that doesn't help me.

Arin, VERY cool, and now that I see this guy is like "the hawkwind or
hendrix" of "left to right in black and white", i am SOOOO grateful to
know to just "head to him" when I am ready

thanks Hawklords

On 12/23/13, Arin Komins <akomins at> wrote:
> Phil Dick is actually pretty easy to find in the new book shops, as I think
> he's all in print these days (now that he's "literature".)
> Harder to find in the used bookshops, as the original paperback printings
> are a bit costly now.  I get a few of them in stock periodically, but they
> tend to sell somewhat quickly.
> Thanks,
> Arin
> (co-owner of a used sf bookshop business these days)
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> His work is just hard to find, period. even the used book stores in the area
> don't have them. I'd love to read them, seems there are several movies based
> on his work. interesting...
> Pam
> On 12/21/2013 11:05 AM, mary sullivan wrote:

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