OFF: A request for some UK library research assistance

Ben Cohen ben at TMK.COM
Mon Dec 23 21:22:39 EST 2013

> I think it will need a visit to London - but there's a Hawkwind gig
> there in February.......   I'll have a look when I go down if you
> haven't found the answers you need by then.

Far be it from me to say that you shouldn't go. :-)

Although, as I said - from what I saw elsewhere, it looks like the various
newspaper archives are available online at libraries over there.

> According to this link it looks like Time Out presented all its back
> copies to the Museum of London in 2009
> I had a quick look at the Museum's online catalogue but can't see
> anything useful for 1988 - still if you sent them an email the Museum
> might be willing to help.

That's actually a great idea ... and I've sent an email off to their general
email address. They're closed until the 6th of January, though, so no idea if
that's going to turn up anything.

> Otherwise I'm sure you have tried all the following:
> When you Google < London Performances 1988 > you end up with an
> interesting list of links including one to a zillion images which
> might or might not be of any use.

Yeah... Way too jumbled.

> Also:
> Here is a list of gigs:

That's just music performances (as opposed to, say, musicals - not quite the
same thing :-) ).

> And these are various award lists from that date:

I'm not sure of the extent to which anything I saw was good enough to merit
being even nominated for an award. :-/

Thanks, though, Jill. I hadn't thought of trying to go through the Museum of
London, so that's one more feeler sent out!


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