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"I believe I'd like The Watchmen, (or whatever," me too, I wish comics were
in Braille or read on line, I just want the stories, can't get enough, I
know they can't do the graphics for me, which I guess comics rely on," Chris
read me the 9 part comic about Phoenix which I loved.  
"Flaming telepaths," hmm.
Tiger Tiger Is that another name for The Stars is My destination, I think
that's the correct title, I remember the concept of jaunting.  Tim said the
Tomorrow people is pretty bad, but that's what I want right now, fun stuff
about t.p.s.  I really loved Babylon 5, and was so disappointed not to see
Besta get what he deserved.  A friend tried to convince me he wasn't
actually evil, but misguided, I strongly disagree, although he did seem
perplexed when Byron and the others offed themselves.    Always interested
in any suggestions on this subject, be it fact or fiction, feel free to
contact me off list.


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> but go back to the 70s original. There was a nineties remake as well, but
I'd still recommend going back to the 70s version.

Aghh - masochist!!  That 70s version was painful stuff - though I should
mention, they did nick the concept of "jaunting" from Alfred Bester's superb
"Tiger Tiger"...

> I believe I'd like The Watchmen, (or whatever it's called), being
interested in telepathy.

If you're into Flaming Telepaths, I'd recommend AE Van Vogt's "Slan"...

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