HW: NoAm tour 2013

Keith Henderson khenders64 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jun 11 20:40:43 EDT 2013

Hey Folx...

Wow...I didn't expect this bit of exciting news!  (I also didn't know that Fred Reeves was now playing with the band.)

So, I guess we'll have to wait 'till the 17th to find out for sure, but I wonder if the tour will happen right away (in July-Aug.) or else later in the Sept-Oct window (which is empty on the tour dates page).  It would seem odd to announce the tour only a few weeks before starting it, but on the Perhaps.Bandcamp.com site, a whole big tour away from their Boston home is in there, as below (in part).  (On their Facebook page, a few other shows have been added in as well.)  Maybe they're doing two tours in short order as opener for different bands. ??  Plus, HW has a few dates in early July in the UK, so they couldn't join up with Perhaps until at least Ithaca or so (10 July).  But these cities are the kinds of places HW would likely play, although it leaves out the west coast, which seems odd.  Anyway, my bet is on Sept-Oct and the two-tour-theory for Perhaps, but I figured someone else would be suggesting these dates as theoretical Hawkwind gigs, so
 here it goes....

earlier shows (6/28-7/13) are listed on the Facebook site as being with Giraffes and/or Damo Suzuki (of Can).  Only one show past 7/16 is listed as including any other band.

Jul 16  New Dodge Lounge, Hamtramck (Detroit), MI
Jul 18  The Observatory, Chicago, IL
Jul 19  Mickey's Tavern, Madison, WI
Jul 20  Frank's Power Plant, Milwaukee, WI
Jul 22  The Math Lab, Champaign, IL

Jul 23  CBGB's, St Louis, MO
Jul 24  Louisville, KY @ Lisa's Oak Street Lounge (Facebook page)

Jul 26  Blind Bobs, Dayton, OH
Jul 27  Columbus OH @ Rhumba Cafe (w/ Brujas del Sol) (Facebook page)

Jul 28 Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, Canton, OH
Jul 30 Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 31 The Depot, York, PA
Aug 2 Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker (Facebook page)
Aug 3 Red Room, Cafe 939, Berklee College of Music Boston, MA


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