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There's also a new live album by the Frond, too.

On Sun, 23 Jun 2013 18:17:18 +0100, Jonathan Jarrett
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> On Fri, 24 Aug 2012, Paul Mather wrote:
>  	<snip>
>> Double yikes!  I just discovered that The Bevis Frond released an album 
>> after _Hit Squad_ that I don't have!  Where can I get ahold of this?  I 
>> thought Woronzow Records had folded?????
>  	This mail has been sitting in my INBOX for so long that now 
> there's *another* new Frond album out. But I didn't actually see anyone 
> answer the question, so, as I understand it, it's like this:
> (1) Woronzow ceased operations as a full-scale label because the taxman 
> had them under investigation and because Nick had family problems that 
> required his attention (his mother was ill). This isn't private 
> knowledge, I hope, I'm fairly sure this was in an interview with Nick 
> online somewhere.
> (2) It still exists as a company, though, so presumably the taxman was 
> satisfied and Nick still releases his stuff through it.
> (3) You can buy these things, and also digital and sometimes physical 
> copies of *all other Frond stuff*, via their site at Bandcamp:
> though the very newest one doesn't yet seem to be there.
> (4) _The Leaving of London_ has some very lovely stuff on it, I like it 
> better than _Hit Squad_ but it does seem to be the second half of the 
> album before my ears really prick up to it. The second half is as sharply

> worded and musically beautiful as the Bevis Frond ever gets, though, 
> albeit not as jammed-out and psychedelic (but see 6 below).
> (5) I found out about that album the same way I found out about the new 
> one, _White Numbers_, which is not a way I ever expected to hear about 
> Frond albums: a friend of mine who reads Mojo texted me about the album 
> because Mojo had reviewed it and he knew I'd care. Mojo review the Bevis 
> Frond? What? etc.
> (6) The new one, which presumably Mojo had in advance, is apparently a
> with one 42-minute improvised track called `Traditional Home-Made
> Jam'. Since `House of Mountains' is nearly my favourite Bevis Frond
> I'm looking forward to this. Amazon's product description gives us more 
> detail:
>  	"The Bevis Frond's 21st album. 'White Numbers' is the logical 
> successor to 2011's 'The Leaving Of London', not simply in that it's the 
> next album, but because it follows on in the style of great songs played 
> well in an esoteric, but totally musical panoply of styles. If there was 
> one complaint about the last record, it was that there were not enough of

> the Frond's signature guitar wig-outs. Woronzow is therefore happy to 
> inform one and all that this aberration has been well and truly rectified

> with the inclusion of a 42 minute instrumental. Eschewing the 'less is 
> more' theory, 'White Numbers' comes as a double CD and triple vinyl 
> release, containing 24 new titles."
> Yes, I have been known to make that kind of complaint, I am very very 
> happy to have this problem addressed...
> (7) I haven't managed to make it to the last few years' gigs because
> recently they've been advertised on Yahoo Groups and Facebook and not 
> elsewhere. But this was a good time to look up the website as I find
> that they are playing London's 100 Club on July 13th! So the fates are 
> with me. I will hope to buy a copy of the new album!
> That concludes this answer to a question from ten months ago, yours,
>  								     Jon
> ObCD: Ici Maintenants - _Space and Time_, which I can't play without 
> recalling that I bought it from Trev, may he not be forgotten.

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