MENU: HW plate lunch added for monday

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 25 19:08:58 EDT 2013

On 6/25/13, John Majka <john.majka at> wrote:
> Howdy Mary,
> Of course I remember you well, and your late husband.  In those pre-Internet
> days it was necessary to call and pester you endlessly since you were one of
> the only stateside sources of HW news and information!  The same could be
> said for Mr. Coleman, esq., whom I think I must have     harassed to a
> similar extent.  It's comforting that a couple of decades on, we're still in
> communication regarding the same obsessive interest!
> John Majka

I'm right here, and was just re-reading your words about the HQ CDs
and thinking of those calls
I remember!!!!
Please get these plane tickets to Dallas chiming
you've all got to crash into my stomach :) :)
you'll love it :) :)
Jim Collins are you there?
I would love for you to come down, I just don't have access to things I used to
the last of my truest friends died. But if you can get down here I
think we could figure it out.
'No calling card minutes at moment.
Where's Pam??
Hope she's still "driving"
even if this is the wrong thread and maybe band too

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