BOC, BRAIN: significant date

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at CORIOLIS.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Fri May 24 09:23:04 EDT 2013

 	Dear all,
 		  emerging briefly into the present, I've just had the 
following series of thoughts.

1) It is snowing right now in Oxford, UK.
2) It is *snowing* at the end of May.
3) Heh, the last days of May no less.
4) In fact blimey it's actually the 24th!

 	I actually realised this while on the phone to my ex Kirsten, whom 
one or two of you will remember, and she replied, "Oh well, happy birthday 
Al" and her three-year-old daughter took up the chant without knowing who 
it was about, so they're now playing some Brain Surgeons to fix that. 
Al, generations and cities across the UK salute you :-) Yours,

   Jonathan Jarrett       "There is scarce any tradition or popular error
Medievalist historian    but stands also delivered by some good author."
        Oxford           (Sir Thomas Browne, "Pseudodoxia Epidemica", 1646)

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