(OFF") "BRAIN": significant past or foture

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Fri May 24 12:08:31 EDT 2013

On 5/24/13, mike c <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> If Americans do not DEMAND America back, we are heading into hell FAST
> indeed.
> You better not hand me a war game reality on our own turf.
> On 5/24/13, mike c <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Jon, good to see you checking in again and this gives me a
>> chance to mention my concern
>> I too, have been focused on "the last days of may", and also thinking
>> about Albert's b-day.
>> But i confess. i am afraid. Everything over here is insane. I heard
>> the mainstream media has told the public to "mark the 31st" on the
>> calendar, since a huge space rock (whatever) is cruising through that
>> "should be safe" but "better stock up on canned goods".
>> It seems like the trigger of disaster to tighten the reigns of NWO
>> over here could be/seems to be so impending. Whatever it ends up being
>> Could the brave people please step forward, it is time to save this
>> county now or bravely die trying.
>> the public are so hypnotised and brainwashed.
>> On 5/24/13, Jonathan Jarrett <jjarrett at coriolis.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>>>  	Dear all,
>>>  		  emerging briefly into the present, I've just had the
>>> following series of thoughts.
>>> 1) It is snowing right now in Oxford, UK.
>>> 2) It is *snowing* at the end of May.
>>> 3) Heh, the last days of May no less.
>>> 4) In fact blimey it's actually the 24th!
>>>  	I actually realised this while on the phone to my ex Kirsten, whom
>>> one or two of you will remember, and she replied, "Oh well, happy
>>> birthday
>>> Al" and her three-year-old daughter took up the chant without knowing
>>> who
>>> it was about, so they're now playing some Brain Surgeons to fix that.
>>> Al, generations and cities across the UK salute you :-) Yours,
>>>  								Jon
>>> --
>>>    Jonathan Jarrett       "There is scarce any tradition or popular
>>> error
>>> Medievalist historian    but stands also delivered by some good author."
>>>         Oxford           (Sir Thomas Browne, "Pseudodoxia Epidemica",
>>> 1646)

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