OFF) LSD overdoses for Mary and any interested

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It is weird, no need for apologies.

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I realise my spelling errors and kamikaze people I've met do not exactly
look very smart.

I am embarrassed of myself last time (again), and i hope this wasn't too
tacky :) I honestly do not mean to be a wart :) Not too often anyway :)

I thought the topic was unusual in this day, if it was as reported.

On 4/7/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
> the media needs to be fined if there is blaming of something untrue :)
> On 4/7/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
>> and of cousre finding a TRUE LSD-fatality woild be hard to do, unless 
>> the death was from doing something nuts while under the influence.
>> the guy with my friends said "watch this", then jumped in front of a 
>> truck and killed himself
>> On 4/7/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
>>> On 4/7/14, Jonathan Smith <smithjm77x7 at> wrote:
>>>> This stuff is not 'synthetic LSD' (LSD is synthetic) anyway but a a 
>>>> potent phenylethylamine. Not really related.
>>> Dear Jonathan, thnaks for posting.
>>> I admit, I have always been interested in this drug, consider it 
>>> 'apart" from others, and not unintelligent.
>>> However, i did not realise the news is witholding details and things 
>>> are differnet than I thought.
>>> First, I thought :"overdose" means "fatality", where LSD is concerned.
>>> I am very glad for the kids that THESE 3 did not die.
>>> The news last night mentioned one of them walking naked along the 
>>> highway or a road at least, and that sounds like it could be a 
>>> strong dose of LSD.
>>> Also, I thought other chemicals which could do the same and fit on a 
>>> blotter were rare to nonexistent these days, er, since before my 
>>> time, but have the "aliens" exhausted all our ergot supplies in the 
>>> USA? :) anyway, the comments here I thought were good link 
>>> ting-juvenile-overdoses.html/
>>> but it sounds like you know more already?? are you saying another 
>>> form of ecstacy or something?
>>>  one kid did die earlier (meantioned in link) and they are trying to 
>>> link the drug.
>>> can't trust anything anyone says here anymore God what a mess

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