OFF) LSD overdoses for Mary and any interested

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 8 11:09:09 EDT 2014

being overpowered into nakedness was a worst fear :).

I could see where that could happen.

if only there was a safe, non frightening, legal method for old farts :)....
I wonder if clothing was a devious plot by ancient aliens to cause us
to have endless wars...

oh yeah, some peoplle NEED covering......

On 4/8/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
> On 4/8/14, Jonathan Smith <smithjm77x7 at> wrote:
>> Not disturbing... Yes, that kind of compound is more closely related to
>> mescaline.
> if the chocolate stuff I did was indeed mescaline, there was no way I
> was getting naked....
> there was no way I was stepping outside the apartment...
> when my friend did, I stayed at the door in fear, for him, and me....
> he was back really fast :)
> and wow, that comedown.....back to normal so fast...

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