OFF) LSD overdoses for Mary and any interested

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 8 14:44:11 EDT 2014

there's only 1 place and 1 place only where humanity (the public)
might seek it's answer.

On 4/8/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
> how sad
> kids wanting to have an LSD experience are dead because humans are
> unable to free themselves from the dark forces making fools of them,
> On 4/8/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
>> On 4/8/14, mary sullivan <maryann.sullivan1 at> wrote:
>>> John, sounds like from what I've been told the "chocolate stuff," was
>>> quite
>>> the rage, so you probably did get the real deal.  I guess I'll never
>>> know,
>>> on that one.  I've been told it's more colorful, (whatever that is) to
>>> her
>>> synthetic well known cousin?
>>> Mary
>> are we SURE Mckinney isn't a tourist attraction now??
>> (sorry, I get excited when it's UFO nite, despite the holy clothing, etc)

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